About Briar Creek Vineyards

Briar Creek Vineyards came into being because of a true delight in the romance of wine and the love of all things Texas. After medical school, Don and Donna Freeman moved from their roots in Texas to California for training at the US Naval Hospital near Napa Valley. They fell in love with the whole production of wine – from growing seasons to harvest, to processing and, of course, tasting the nuances of all the flavors in grapes. After training and building their family (four beautiful children) they returned to Texas in 1983, established a home and practice and have been the benefactors of God’s grace and blessings in the Lone Star State!

Still enamored with the romance of wine and the land in Texas, in 2006 they moved from “the city” to “country life.” Their home is built on 56 acres located southeast of Tyler on Briar Branch running through the property – thus Briar Creek Vineyards, where they also planted two-and-a-half acres of acres of vitis vinifera. The challenges facing Texas farmers have made their family stronger and even more dedicated, thanks in no small part to the many blessings of God and nature.

Briar Creek Vineyards invites you to experience the Texas version of winemaking. We’re certain you’ll discover why we find this way of life so enchanting.

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